‘My art is about a moment in time.’
My still life’s aren’t staged like some window display. They depict the way objects are placed within the activities of the day.
Often vases of flowers are not the centre piece in the painting, they are pushed aside to make space for other objects.

The colours are often intense Using opposites to create contrast and therefore more movement.
In all I feel….’the initial drawing is the Skelton. The composition is the Body and the colour gives it life.


1990 The Springvale Gallery, City of Springvale – Marble and Sculpture Design (Three Stations Project)
‎‏ 1990 Community Drama Group, Springvale – Set Design 1991 Springvale Council, Springvale – “The Maze” Travelling Exhibition
1993 – 1994  Claudia Ness – Portrait Work Portrait of Antigonni – Seascape Gabby Bullbeck– Friend Painting
1995  San Remo Pier
1997  Kerri Walsh, Jetset Travel Agent, Prahran – drawings Venice Series (inc St.Marks Square) Jetset Travel Agent, Prahran – paintings
2004 Kerry Walsh – Tuscany Painting
2017 The Worry Tree – Commission for St Francis Xavier Primary School